Benefits of Prostate Pills, Prostate Symptoms

Benefits of Prostate Pills, Prostate Symptoms

Anecdotal evidence and generations of on-the-ground experience have led many herbalists and holistic practitioners to believe that there are many possible benefits of prostate pills which contain adequate doses of certain ingredients. In order to provide the maximum benefit, prostate pills typically have to contain saw palmetto extract and nettle root extract. Prosvent® contains both of these, along with pygeum africanum, lycopene, black pepper extract and pumpkin seed oil, in addition to zinc and vitamins D3. Of course, neither Prosvent® nor any other prostate pill is designed to be a substitute for periodic prostate exams by your health care provider, particularly if you're over 40. To gain the maximum benefits of prostate pills, visit your doctor at least once a year for a check-up.

These days, men hear a lot about prostate symptoms in the media. But they may not be quite sure what prostate symptoms really are. Certain prostate symptoms can be extremely inconvenient and (depending on the situation) even embarrassing. Fortunately, prostate symptoms are not an automatic sign of something serious, which is what many men fear. However, there's only one way to know for sure. Get it checked out by your doctor or other licensed health care provider. Prostate exams should be at least an annual event for every man over 40.

Because of its location in the body, many men feel at least somewhat embarrassed about getting a prostate screening. Get over it already! Prostate screenings save thousands of lives each year. Annual prostate screenings by a physician or physician assistant are quick, painless and can detect little problems while they're easily treatable. Most prostate problems are nothing to panic about. If your health care provider has any reason to suspect that it's something more serious, he will usually schedule you for more simple tests. Don't miss your appointment, and don't put it off. Prostate screenings: Make them an annual event.

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